Many tourists recommend us to input this information in our web site, especially for the foreign tourists. So here we are with some useful information you might need. We are trying our best to give maximum possible information. Hope it will make your journey safe and sound to Junagadh.

Most common problems

1. Wrong buses 2. False guidance 3. Bus takes more time to reach 4, Uncomfortable buses

Wrong buses

Some times you catch a wrong bus and you are not even aware of it, because mostly titles of the bus are in local language (Gujarati). So please check it out with other local travelers twice before boarding the bus. Here we are putting some of the Gujarati alphabets (titles of the buses) which you will come across in S.T buses of Gujarat. Please memories them. They might be helpful to you. Click here



False guidance

This happens due to your language (English), some time you get a false guidance from some local person, its not a bad idea to ask any good local person around you, but please confirm again with few others also, for last and final perception better ask on inquiry counter, if you are lucky the person who is at the duty will understand your language (English)! Confirm with him ""twice". If your information matches with one you got earlier your guidance is right go ahead.

Bus takes more time to reach

This is the most rated problem for any tourist, (mostly in S.T buses), Before boarding any bus please do confirm that it is an Express, Non-Stop or a Direct Bus (their titles are in red). Some buses comes to Junagadh via many small villages (their titles are in black), through a rough rural roads, it is a time-consuming and exhausting journey, use it as a last resort, or if it is your wish to do so.

Uncomfortable buses

Both S.T and private buses can be uncomfortable; some buses are not in good condition some may be if you are lucky. On other hand you never know which bus a travel agent is providing you, better confirm every thing before boarding the bus. Now a days S.T buses are improving but some times you face this problem, there are deluxe bus services for some routes if you can get that bus then go for it.


Travel tips: Train / Bus / Air

We are covering mainly the cities of Gujarat and other adjoining States from where frequently a tourist comes to Junagadh Town.


If you are coming from the cities like, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Porbandar, Rajkot, Diu, Sasangir, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Palitana, Dwarka, Bhuj (Kutch), Mount Abu, Udaipur/Jaipur (Rajasthan) etc. There are many buses to Junagadh town everyday. The Government Buses in Gujarat which are known as ST buses (State Transport Buses) regularly comes to Junagadh from the town/cites mention above. What a tourist has to do is to confirm the timing, because it always changes every year. For ST bus booking, they do booking only for long distance. Or you are charged fare inside the bus. Private buses are mostly favored by the tourists because they are more comfortable in comparison of ST buses, but it also depends which bus you have chosen? Some times it turnouts in worst! For precaution please find out the best travel Company in the Town (Avoid small agents seating with a small counter), there are always two kind of buses for you to choose, small buses (2x2) and big buses (3x2) always go for big bus, sleeper couch. A/c & Non A/c buses are also available for some routes. To avoid further problems please confirm with travel agent about the bus, which class of bus they are providing you for your destination, next if you have perfect date of Journey please do book your tickets in advance, book your tickets from the main travel offices only. Please try to start your journey early in the morning, its more convenient, because buses from Bhuj, Udaipur, Jaipur etc, takes almost 9 to 14 hours to reach Junagadh town. Most of the tourist avoid night journey. Go for night buses if there is no good bus at the day time, all of them are not bad. If you are boarding a night bus please confirm your hotel booking in advance; some times you reach very early or late at night.


They are more comfortable for long journey. There are several trains which facilitate you to reach Junagadh. Bookings are available for some of the trains. It is more convenient to take fresh information from the Railway station. Some of the trains are direct while some of them are via other cities (connected trains). A/c, 1st class, 2nd class, seating, sleeping facili­ties are available in long journey trains.

Trains from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Diu, Sasangir, Veraval, and Bhavnagar directly reach to Junagadh.

Mumbai via Rajkot to Junagadh. (Booking Available)
Train name: Saurastra Mail and Janta Express.
Ahmedabad to Junagadh Everyday two trains. Morning and evenig.
Bhavnagar to Junagadh: Everyday
Rajkot to Junagadh: Everyday
Train name: Rajkot - Junagadh - Local Train
Diu (Delwada), Sasangir to Junagadh: Morning train. (Local Train)
Veraval to Junagadh: Everyday (Local Train)
Udaipur/Jaipur to Ahmedabad: No direct train to Junagadh. You need to confirm your ticket from railway station; you may get connected train ticket which comes via Ahmedabad to Junagadh.


Nearest Airport is Rajkot 105 km away from Junagadh, daily two flights Morning and evening: Mumbai to Rajkot.