The Junagadh district has 103 recognized sites, here are some important sites of Junagadh town which are very popular and the most frequented places by the visitors from all around the globe.

Mount Girnar : In the east of Junagadh town, at the distance of 6 km stands the gigantic Mount Girnar, which is considered holy by Hindus & Jains. Girnar is the highest Mountain of Gujarat. Once in a year a massive Hindu festival named "Maha Shiv Ratri" takes place at the foot hill of this mountain. This festival is in commemoration of Hindu Lord Shiva .

Damodar Kund : On the way to Girnar hill there is a holy- water reservoir called Damodar Kund. Hindu people come here for the holy purposes of   Hindu religion.


Dattar Hill : Dattar hill is considered as one of the peaks in the region. It is 2779 feet above the Sea Level. The Saint PirJami-yalshah Dattar who hailed from Sindh (now in Pakistan] in 15th century, sought recluse here on the Dattar hill and went back to Sindh .

Narsinh Mehta Chora : The Saint Narsinh Mehta was the great classical poet and use to hold his assemblies and discourse in 15th century.

Ashokan Edicts :The Ashokan edicts date back to 250 B.C. The inscription is spread in area about 100 sq. on an uneven rock with a circumference of 75ft. It rises about 12 ft. from the ground. it  contains 14 tablets of edicts in Brahmi scripts each divided by a horizontal line.

Old Fort : It was Discovered in 10th century by a wood cutter. The Buddhist caves are also situated in Old Fort, and it is believed that the Buddhist caves belong to 1st century.


Maqbarra's (Tomb's) : In the heat heart of the town stands two Maqbarra s . Mahabat Maqbarra & Bahauddin Maqbarra. The Mahabat Maqbarra was constructed by the Nawab of Junagadh Mahabatkhanji II , construction started in 1878 to 1892 A .D, Near by stand the other Maqbarra called Bahauddin Maqbarra the Vazir - E-Azarn [Prime Minister ] got constructed it by his on funds during 1891 to 1896 .Both of this Maqbarra's are an excellent specimen of past medieval Islamic architectures.

Sakkerbauq Zoo :The Zoo is the oldest in Gujarat and third oldest in India . it was established in 1863 AD by the Nawab of Junagadh Mahabatkhanji II .In the Zoo Gir lions are also bred and supplied to other Zoos, the Zoo also captures lions and other animals which are wounded or ill and nurses them back to health .Museum in Zoo is also highlight   for   visitors.


Moti Baug Garden : The Moti Baug garden is one of the best botanical gardens of Gujarat . Inside Moti Baug , a   university named Agriculture University, imparts education to all those aspiring.

Willing don Dam : The Dam is situated in the east of city with a beautiful garden at the foot hill of Dattar. The Dam was completed in 1936 AD.

The Museum :The Nawab of Junagadh state used to call the conferences  hall  called Darbar Hall. The   Department of Museums, transformed it in to a Museum which now adores the artifacts of  Nawab, It is open for all the people to  study the   artifacts of the by gone era.