"Junagadh the wonderful town" The Nawab of Junagadh in the past time would keep many dogs and marry them off the royal grandeur?. In 1863 at the time when the Gir lions were being exterminated like domestic files, the Nawab specifically created the zoo for conserving this endangered species. For more then 50 years from now, the zoo has bred pure bloodlines, which has ensured the survival of the Asiatic lion. That should be reason enough to travel to Junagadh town. The Junagadh area has been inhabited since antiquity. Ashokan edicts near Girnar Hill, which date back to 250 B.C. attest to this fact. Yet another indicator is the Uparkot fort. At least 2,000 years old, it was abandoned in 7th century and rediscovered in the 10th century. There are several interesting sights with in the fort, Jarnrni Masjid, a big cannon, Buddhist cave temples are 1500 years old, and two amazing step wells. In the town the Mahabat Maqbara and Bhauddin Maqbara must remain the first point of interest.

There is a fine gate across the railway station entrance, which stand in the entry of Junagadh town, there is a delicately balanced clock tower-Other attractions in Junagadh are the artfully laid out gardens. Sakkar Bagh,(zoo). Closer to town, Sardar Bagh,[Ayurvadic College] the Lai Bagh and the Moti Bagh [Agriculture College] are the laid out in a row. Check out the Bahauddin college to the way to Moti Bagh garden. Finally the Mount Girnar ,the Highest hill in Gujarat with the exclusive sculpture, Jains temples. From all the recognized sites in Junagadh, Mount Girnar and Maqbara's are likely to make it to this list. Proof, if any needed Junagadh town is worth a visit .