India's leading News paper THE TIMES OF INDIA  had published this News on   8 Feb. 1989 by  Mr. Law Kumar Mishra.


Some historical monuments on Junagadh and Girnar mountain are likely to be included in world heritage list by UNESCO. There sites have been identified as sites of cultural importance for world as a whole . The upkeep and preservation of this sites will be super­vised under UNESCO's world heritage committee. In India, Taj Mahal , Humpi Lothal etc are World heritage sites. Sir Bernard M. Fielden Director Emeritus of Rome - based Architectural Conserva­tion Authority, who visited Junagadh has recommended inclusion of the sites here in the world heritage list. Sir Bernard expressed concern over the degradation of the most important cultural sites of town and Girnar and felt the value of sites can be compared with the most important sites of world heritage category in other part of the world.


The Government of India may include the sites in world heritage list. The International Authority on Architectural Conservation visited the important area of town and several 19th century monuments of Junagadh. He said the important and value of these sites should be projected to world civilization. He also visited the 7th century temples at Sutrapada, Pasnawada and Kadar near Veraval and was greatly impressed to see the small temples being kept alive although with out much awareness of their historical importance for culture. He said the conservation technique should be applied without comment. Sir Bernard said use of cement in conservation for replacing good quality lime which had in fact preserved the monuments in many part of the world for centuries was deplorable . The Indian Trust for Art Culture and Heritage (INTACH) Junagadh chapter headed by Mr.S. Verrna had started a campaign to preserve the decaying historical monuments, which had turned into gambling dens   and liquor distilleries were fund freed from the   anti-social elements.


The climax of exuberance in architecture can be seen in Maqbarra [tombs] of Nawab ,They are wonderful examples of the craftsman­ship of Nawabi architecture. According to Prof. R.J.Vasavada the town has got several old buildings which are unparallel in architec­ture and designs. Architecturally , the choices of Nawab were reflected in the different construction on palaces. The tomb of Mahabbat khanji [ Maqbarra's in the heat heart of the city has also been recognized for inclusion in the world heritage list.