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Gir Jungle Home

Area : The Gir ecosystem falls in Biogeography Zone-4 [the semi arid] and biogeography province 4- B.Gujarat Rajwara is the last paradise of Asiatic lion, Panthera Leo persica ,The Government of Gujarat has declared an area of 1412.1 sq.kms as a Protected Area (PA) which comprises of 258.7 sq.kms .as National Park and 1153.4 sq.kms. as Sanctuary .Beside this 470.5 sq.kms. Forest area consti­tutes buffer zone as reserve, protected and unclassed forest. Thus a total area of 1882.6 sq.kms. forms Gir forest, out of total area of 1882.6 sq.kms., 1502.7 sq.kms. falls in Junagadh District and 379.9 sq.kms. in Amreli  District .The most important aspect of Gir is that it has become a very stable ecosystem with tremendous regenerat­ing, self-supporting and sustaining power due to its rich and diverse fauna and flora.

Location : Gir forest lies between (20-40') N and (21 -50') N latitude and [70 - 50'] E and [71 - 50' ]E longitudes, the land configuration is mainly undulating with moderate hills, valleys and plateau, with out definite direction of hill ranges. Northern part are more hilly, while southern part is relatively less hilly, with general drainage direction being south and south- west .The hills are of volcanic origin . The main geological formation is Daccan trap and main rock types are 'Dolomite' and Basalt .Beside sand stone, lime stones and metamorphic schist are also present .Volcanic rocks have given rise to the black cotton soil and sand stones, and lime stone have given rise to reddish brown sandy loam soil. Soil texture varies from gravely along the river banks, clay in deep valleys to stony and murrum on hills       

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The Town was surrounded by a circular Fort.
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The Ashokan edicts date back to 250 B.C .
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