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Gir Jungle Home

Climate: Gir has tropical monsoon climate which is very hot during the summer. Three seasons summer, winter and monsoon are distinct . Late November to early March is cool dry followed by hot dry season. The temperature drops down to about 10C in winter and rises to about 43C in summer . Mid June to September is monsoon period and bulk of precipitation is received during July and August. Rainfall data of past 28 years received at Kamleshwar in western part of Gir and Raval Dam in eastern part of Gir show that average rainfall is 1000mm and 600mm respectively. Due to irregular monsoon and uneven distribution of rainfall, drought years are not uncommon.

The Gir Forest: It is the only place in the World, except Africa, where the King of Jungle, the Majestic Lion can be witnessed in natural habitat. The dense forest of Gir also hosts a wide range of other species like Panther, Striped Hyena, Sambar, Chital [spotted deer] Nilgaif[blue bull ] Chinkara, the unique Chowsinghaf [four horned antelope ] Jong tailed langur, and others. A crocodile farm was also been developed in the jungle.          

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The Town was surrounded by a circular Fort.
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The Ashokan edicts date back to 250 B.C .
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