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Girnar : In the east of Junagadh town, at a distance of 6 km  situated Mount Girnar which is considered holy by Hindus and Jains.

Several names were given to different hills and to various peaks. It was called Girinarayan in prehistoric time and now Known as  Mount Girnar.

Girnar has five principal peaks Ambaji, Gorakhnath, Guru Dattatraya, Oghad Ansuya and Kalka. Out of these five Gorakhnath is the highest and is 3666 ft. above sea level and the lowest peak is 648 ft. above sea level. The area of Girnar hills is 70 miles. . To climb the hill, a step way is built up of wide and convenient steps and on the either side of the way there are waiting spots, water places and devasthans (prayer place). The Jain temples are  very old and ancient, the foundations and the plans are unchanged.

Ambaji: The famous temple of Goddess Ambaji. It is believed that this temple temple was built during the Gupta era.

Gorakhnath: This is the highest peak of Girnar Hill on which is the Dhuna of Gorkhnathji, the famous and renowned saint of Nath seet.

Oghad Ansuya: The Oghad and Ansuya peaks are difficult to approach yet worth visiting.

Kamandalkund: The step way switch from between Gorakhnath and Dattatray and winds its way descending to a lovely and beautiful place called Kamandalkund.

Dattatraya: Coming up again and resuming the step way southward the vertical peak of  Dattatraya is reached. On the top of the peak there is a small temple on the Padukas of Guru Dattatrays.

Kalika: The most difficult to approach is the peak of Kalika which is not joined by the step way but is not far away from Dattatrya though sufficiently detached.


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