Junagadh's history dates back to ancient times and is famous place for pilgrims due to its link with Mount Girnar and also famous for Gir lions, the only habitat of Asian lions.

Throughout various phases of history, Junagadh is described with equal importance as for many centuries; it was the capital city of western region. Junagadh is now a District in Gujarat State. After Independence, Junagadh is one many such small princely town in India and continued to survive on its glorious past.

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In the east of Junagadh town, at the distance of 6 km situated the gigantic Mount Girnar, which is considered holy by Hindus & Jains. Girnar is the highest Mountain of Gujarat. Once in a year a massive Hindu festival named "Maha Shiv Ratri" takes place at the foot hill of this mountain. This festival is in commemoration of Hindu Lord Shiva .

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The Town was surrounded by a circular Fort.
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It is the only place in the World, except Africa, where the King of Jungle. the Majestic Lion can be witnessed in the natural habitat.

The Ashokan edicts date back to 250 B.C .

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